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To further confirm Yewon's popularity amongst male celebrities, Park Joon Geum gleefully said, "You are Choi Jin Hyuk's type.He likes someone who has a full chest." Choi Jin Hyuk, seeming playfully flustered over Park Joon Geum's comment, said, "Yes, my ideal type of girl is someone who is cute and a bit plump." When the emcees commented, "Then someone who is like Yewon?He was selected through the Sixth Man project which was held to fill the empty position after Noh Hong-chul left the program.Kwanghee and Yewon appeared on KBS variety show 'Happy Together' as close friends referring to each other as 'brother/sister-from-another-mother'. like, he was totally like a puppy in front of yewon trying to impress her (and failing LOL) but he looked less interested in his second date...

Henry's gonna try to show off his wife.., but his hyungs not gonna let him get away with it..

" the actor nodded and said she was indeed close to his ideal type.

I know he probably meant curvy and not plump but Yewon looks thin to me other then she does have cheat and her face is a bit round shaped that make her seem plump. Anyway I love her and I wouldn't mind them dating ;) There adorbs!

While Yewon shared that Kwanghee talked about the hardships of having to live up to high expectations as a 'variety-idol', Kwanghee added, "Yewon is very popular amongst men.

It's because she is one level lower than Girls' Generation's Yoon A or Miss A's Suzy so she is easier to approach," a comment that brought laughs as the two idol guests teased each other.

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