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When you listen to a Vath track you wonder if he first had those crazy sounds in his head, then spent hours tweaking samplers and production equipment to produce sounds that matched what was in his head.

OR, did he just turn on the machine and, through shear brilliance, morph basic tones and samples into amazing techno?

But Sven is more than a producer, he is an entity of music, living and breathing and sharing it with the rest of the world as if he is on a mission from God to do so.

Being in the States, I did not get the chance to see him until I was much older and he played in LA at Spundae club in 2003. He looked deeply into everyone's souls that night and got them onto the dancefloor like it was their last night on earth.

A class act if there ever was one, a living legend, Sven don't ever stop what you do! Well, I experienced him for the first time in 1996 @ Skanderborg Festival in Denmark. It was a revalation which instantly made me realize that since the beginning of my journey into electronic music in 1993, I had never come across genuine quality before. Confidence, quality track selection and this inexplainable aura.

Sven will always be the most influential figure in electronic dance music to me, and many others, of various ages since 1988 all the way to today in 2010.

He was incredibly friendly, helpful and interested to hear what I had to say and of course, humble and grateful of my praise.

He even gave me his email address and told me to stay in touch with my own techno happenings in LA. No-one I have seen ever since have been able to shine behind those decks as Baba.

His timing is nothing shy of perfect- his mixes drop sounds and pick up new riffs mechanically, almost willfully, without the need to overuse the mixer or show off with filters and delays.

And, most importantly, Sven is the only DJ alive that can mix ANY, absolutely ANY, 2 records together as if they were meant to be played in sequence.

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