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You will find information about what has happened to them, and how they've been helped, by reading Ms.Bienstock's Washington Post Live Chat that followed the broadcast.If you ask me, this is more about journalistic ambition and is about as unethical as it gets.Ray Weiser Davenport, IAFRONTLINE's editors respond: FRONTLINE regrets that it failed to supply some information in this report and thus created a misimpression concerning Tania's situation and the production team's relationship with her.The team did in fact give her the money she needed for the operations for her little brother. FRONTLINE'S policy is not to give money to subjects in a film.But it understands the producers' decision to help in a dire situation.Who would resist the elimination of trafficking more? The greed of the former and the desperation/survival instincts of the latter are two of the toughest parts of human nature to battle against, no??

Write letters to the ambassadors of each of the countries found to have these networks of organized sex slaves.This really all stems from, believe it or not, from the corrupt banking systems of the world, headed by the IMF and World bank and their fraudulent fractional reserve banking system.It's due to that system that keeps everyone in constant need for fake cash and derivatives and since everything is money centered, people have to do anything in order to live and survive to obtain this false "god".In her interview, Tania explained that she had other family members to support, in addition to her brother, and few opportunities to make the money she needed locally, so she felt that returning to prostitution was her best option.Like so many women who are trafficked, the promise of work abroad for desperately needed money is what initially lured Tania away from home, and it's what took her away from her family a second time, even after experiencing the horrors of Turkey's underground brothels.

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