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Unfortunately, even in these lower-paying industries, wage gaps are present.

For example, women-owned businesses in transportation and trucking earn about 85 cents to every 1 male dollar, while women-owned retail businesses earn only 15 cents to the male dollar.

The filter feature means you won’t have to waste time sorting through a mass of grants, most of which won’t apply to you.

Powered by the Small Business Administration (SBA), the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) encourages businesses to engage in research and development, particularly those with potential for commercialization.

You can search for open grants for women in business on the SBIR search platform.

These grants aren’t exclusively for women, but if your business ideas fit into the parameter, they are worth applying for.

The wage gap continues even as women start businesses.

In addition to institutionalized gender discrimination, women face further business challenges in the form of undervalued labor.

It may also limit the kinds of risks they can take.

In many cultures around the world, women are still expected to work within the home, which can limit business opportunities.

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According to research from the Diana Report, only 15% of venture capital-backed businesses funded between 20 were women-owned, and companies with a female CEO only received 3% of all venture capital dollars in that time.

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