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"Why not make December 25 a holiday if many believers celebrate according to the new calendar?After all, those who celebrate according to the old calendar on January 7 and 8 can continue to do so. It's very easy to create problems and political games by playing on the feelings of believers."Moldova is not the only country in the former communist bloc where the Orthodox Church has grown into a major political force since the demise of the Soviet Union.The church lashed out at authorities, saying the decision caused "bewilderment" among the faithful and demanding that it be scrapped.Prime Minister Vlad Filat made it clear he had no intention of backtracking."We took this decision all together," Filat said."Why don't the Romanians make January 7 an official holiday to show respect to our Orthodox faith?

Secular In Writing Authorities declared a national three-day period of mourning, shutting down offices and schools.Ilia has been particularly critical of Saakashvili's failure to avoid last year's war with Russia over the pro-Russian rebel region of South Ossetia."The captain of a ship must lead his vessel, be able to maneuver, and escape reefs," the Georgian patriarch said.Ilia nonetheless agreed to act as Saakashvili's political envoy during a December 2008 visit to Moscow, where he attended the funeral of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Aleksy and met with President Dmitry Medvedev.A humble Saakashvili publicly thanked him for accepting what he called a "diplomatic mission" to convey Georgia's stance on South Ossetia to the Kremlin.Last month, his government even moved to defend the patriarch's dignity after online videos mocking him sparked national outrage.

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Its position on the matter is a lot more indulgent -- for years, it has catered to both camps by holding two separate Christmas services.

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