Being intimidating guy

Negativity of any kind makes people feel self-conscious and insecure about what you might think of them—and that’s not the kind of vibe you want to be giving the cute guy you are hoping will ask you out.

It’s OK to use shared experience—even if it’s a negative one—to build a connection, but you should make sure that one negative thing doesn’t dominate the conversation.

He has never bitten anyone, but has snapped at a few dogs, as well as the vet and the trainer at the obedience school.

Sometimes I think he doesn’t understand how big he really is. If people are already at the point some are suggesting you put him down there’s something you’re not telling me.

I have to admit, I know a thing or two about being stuck in the stage between meeting a nice guy and landing the first date.

In fact, a lot of times women who are uncomfortable making the first move feel like the situation is out of their control.

As Hogan explains, open and interested body language doesn’t have to mean overly flirtatious and touchy with him; you just need to practice good listening skills.

Lean in, maintain eye contact, and show him you’re interested by nodding along or flashing the occasional smile.

There are ways to communicate your interest effectively without feeling like you have killed the thrill of the chase.

I know I often feel that way, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes we just that the guy we are talking to is into us—and we think our interest in the guy is obvious as well. It's not that the guy you're interested in is dumb, it's more likely that you are not speaking his language.

I have always felt that a guy should be the one to just go for it, but that doesn't acknowledge that for the man there is risk of rejection involved—and that rejection is something most guys want to mitigate.

I need help to learn how to calm him down, help him to be more of a social dog and able to play well with others, easier to walk and to help get him to stop jumping up on humans. I know you’re writing because you want to do right by your dog but I suspect if you’re not already in over your head you soon will be.

I am curious if his breed has some sort of predisposition to any of these problems and if these problems are worth fixing. Asking if a Cane Corso is “predisposed to those sorts of problems” and I’m assuming you’re referring to being “fairly protective”, snapping at dogs, the vet, and the trainer is like asking even a casual hockey fan if Don Cherry enjoys sartorial splendor as much as a good clean hit. Cherry or a Cane Corso is good or bad; it’s about Mr. Cherry and a Cane Corso in the wrong hands being a Cane Corso in the wrong hands.

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